Australasian Golf Museum

Australasian Golf Museum
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The Australasian Golf Museum, the largest golf museum in the Southern Hemisphere, is in the small town of Bothwell in central Tasmania. Only approximately one-third of its present holdings is on display(May 2003). Nearby is the golf course of Ratho which is the second oldest golf course in the world outside the U.K. Here are some of the displays at the museum.

Old putters

old clubs5.jpg 400*300

Old clubs

old clubs1.jpg * old clubs2.jpg 300*400
Lots more old clubs
old clubs3.jpg 300*400 old clubs4.jpg 400*300

And more old clubs

old clubs6.jpg 756*283

Old buggy, bag and clubs

buggy&clubs.jpg 640*480


balls.jpg 300*400

And more old balls
balls2.jpg 400*203

mem6.jpg 400*300 prizes.jpg 400*300

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