Bruny Island

Bruny Island Bruny Island is off the south-east coast of Tasmania and is accessed by ferry from Kettering; a small fishing village on the mainland of Tasmania. The ferry takes less than an hour to get to North Bruny Island.
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Barnes Bay is a bay on the inward side of the island and provides safe harbourage for fishing vessels.

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Dennis Point is on the northern tip of North Bruny Island and the mainland is only a few kilometres away.

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On the eastern side of North Bruny Island and with a magnificent view over the entrance to the Derwent River and the numerous bays and islands is Kelly's Point.

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The narrow neck of land that is about 40 metres wide and joining North Bruny to South Bruny is called The Neck.

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On the neck is a monument to the aboriginal woman "Trugininni", one of the last surviving Aborigines of the area.
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Adventure Bay is a protected bay because of the direction it faces. Many sailors have used the bay as a protection from storms and strong winds. It is also one of the larger settlements on Bruny Island.
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Lunawanna is a very small village on the west coast of South Bruny Island.

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Cape Bruny is the southern most tip of South Bruny Island and a lighthouse stands on the cape.

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The southern coast of South Bruny Island is very wild and rugged. It would have been a graveyard for sailing boats.

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Alonnah is a small village on the west coast of South Bruny Island with an interest in fishing.

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