Holiday Retreats

<>In recent years we have been having holidays closer to home and our favourite places have been the Bunya Mountains, Kingfisher Bay, and Norfolk Island.

The Bunya Mountains
The Bunya Mountains, about 3 hours drive north-west of Brisbane have the last remaining area of natural Bunya forest left in Queensland. The forest with its huge Bunya Pine trees is magnificent for walks and the views are just spectacular as it is quite high. There are many houses for rent in the area and there is an excellent camping ground as well. The mountains are a National Park and a Ranger is there at all times to provide information and assistance.

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Kingfisher Bay
Kingfisher Bay is the environmentally friendly resort on the western side of Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland between Bundaberg and Maryborough. It has an excellent hotel complex and villas are available for rent as well. Many tours of the island are available from the resort as a 4 wheel-drive vehicle is necessary. The island has some magnificent fresh water lakes and miles of beaches on the eastern side along which many 4 wheel-drive vehicles are used. Fishing is a very popular pastime on the eastern beach. This island is a National Park and is World Heritage listed. National Park Rangers are available for assistance from several points on the island.

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Norfolk Island
Although we have only been there once, January 1998, we spent 10 wonderful days on Norfolk Island which is about 2 hours flying south-east of Brisbane, in the Pacific Ocean. The island was an old convict settlement from the early days of Australia's history. It had two different convict settlements before the island was given to the survivors of the "Mutiny on the Bounty" from Pitcairn Island. Many descendants of these people are the present inhabitants and they live on a paradise island. The island is so green and the sea water is so clear and blue/green(depending on the depth of the water). Emily Bay is a great swimming place that is totally protected from sea creatures(sharks). The island is also known for its special trees; the Norfolk Island Pine, a tall straight pine that can grow to huge size. Many tours of the sights, sounds, foods and convict history of the island are available. The highest temperature every recorded on the island is about 28C and the lowest temperature, 11C so the climate is difficult to beat. There are many places on the island to rent and cars are very cheap to hire. Although the island is quite small, you will need a car as the island is very hilly. (AND IT HAS A GREAT 9 HOLE GOLF COURSE)(And the island is tax free too)

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