The Flying Warriors Museum

Here are some of the photographs taken at the Flying Warriors Museum at Archerfield in Brisbane, Australia. Some of the aircraft are Russian Yaks; T-28's and also an L39 Albatros Jet, a Piper Cub, a Ryan STM, a Hawker Sea Fury, a Tiger Moth and many more all in flying condition. Also the group has many aircraft in re-building condition that will be in the air shortly.

yak-1.jpg * yak-1-2.jpg 640*480 yak50.jpg 640*480 t28-1.jpg 640*480 t28-2.jpg 640*480 navy-1.jpg 640*480 blue.jpg 640*480 l39albatros.jpg 640*480 pipercub.jpg 640*480 ryanstm.jpg 640*480 hawker2.jpg 640*480 tigermoth.jpg 640*480

You can also visit their own web site at: Flying Warriors